What would it be like if...

What would it be like if your employees -- especially managers -- are so engaged that they actively look for ways to: 1) make the organization a better place to work and do business; 2) deliver extraordinary service to customers and one another; 3) maximize margins and streamline processes; 4) grow and learn and inspire others; 5) create a positive culture where everyone understands how their role contributes to the bigger picture and the bottom line. Sound great?

Engagement = Getting employees to CARE!

What can recognition do for your business?

“Catch people doing something right” is a timeless leadership tip coined by Ken Blanchard, management expert and author. It still holds true today. It’s not the Employee of the Month Award that makes people want to stay or become more actively engaged. It’s working in an environment where people feel valued for their daily contributions. To drive engagement -- or get people to care -- employees need to receive thanks and praise every seven days. Do your managers know how to give meaningful, sincere appreciation for a job well done? Do employees?

Boost Productivity & Profitability

"Treat your employees well, and the profits will follow," touted China Gorman, Great Place to Work Institute. Research shows that effective recognition practices consistently correlate with higher levels of engagement, retention, productivity and profitability. Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work embrace recognition as a critical component of their business models and, as a result, they experience:

  • More actively engaged employees
  • 50% increased employee retention
  • Higher customer satisfaction scores
  • Higher levels of employee productivity; and they are
  • 30 to 40% more profitable than S&P 500 companies.

Our Philosophy

Recognition Works' philosophy is less about employee of the month or formal programs and more about cultivating an “Employee of the Moment” mindset. It starts at the top with leaders, but it requires everyone taking responsibility for their own morale and noticing “out loud” when someone does something good. It's about showing meaningful appreciation to employees who demonstrate positive behaviors aligned with your company's core values.

It's more than just the stuff

Trends show companies taking a more holistic approach to employee rewards. The focus is moving away from quantitative rewards and toward qualitative, non-monetary rewards to create a positive work culture. This includes effective leadership, clear communication, life balance, and strong cultures of appreciation and engagement. These are the intangible things you experience when you work in a Best Place to Work. When these are absent, they result in disengaged employees, low morale and higher turnover.


According to Gallup, 52% of employees are not engaged,
and only 29% are actively engaged at work.
"Engaged employees understand how their job 
makes a positive difference & impacts the bottom line. 
Great managers get to know their employees' strengths and goals
and find ways to align them with the organization's values and mission."
Theresa Chambers, Recognition Works

Consulting & Strategy Design

Recognition Works offers workplace culture, employee engagement and recognition strategy design services that are customized for your organization's unique culture, values and goals.
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Recognition Works provides Recognize the Moment® Workshops and keynotes for leaders, recognition committees that are customized for companies of all sizes and every industry.
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Recognize the Moment® Toolkits provide ideas, tools and inspiration to build a culture of appreciation and engagement -- includes Thankology®, the art of noticing "out loud!
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