What a CATCH!

What-a-CATCH“Catch people doing something right!” is a timeless leadership tip coined by Ken Blanchard, management expert and author. It’s not the Employee of the Month or Quarter awards that make people want to stay. It’s working in an environment where people feel valued for their daily contributions that matter.

Whether you work in HR, are a manager or an associate, here are questions to build a stronger culture of appreciation and engagement.

C – Are your recognition efforts aligned with your CULTURE and CORE values? CUSTOMIZE appreciation tools that reflect your company’s unique culture and values. What recognition looks like in healthcare is very different than manufacturing or another industry.

A – Are on-the-spot APPRECIATION tools, like “You Got Caught Giving Great Service” cards or thank you cards ACCESSIBLE to everyone in the company? Make it easy for people to recognize in the moment.

T – Does your organization provide TRAINING on how to give meaningful recognition and thanks, like Thankology™, the art of noticing out loud? Often times, managers are promoted for technical skills, but lack the people skills to give positive reinforcement. TRAIN and designate Recognition or Culture Champions who serve as go-to resource for ideas and inspiration.

C – Do you regularly COMMUNICATE progress toward goals and CELEBRATE success – big and small? Whether it’s on SharePoint, a Pause for Applause bulletin board, or kudos at staff meetings, integrate recognition into the way you do business with employees.

H – HAVE FUN! HAPPY employees = HAPPY customers. Welcome wacky and unusual ideas like traveling trophies, for example, a ship in the bottle for the Leadership Award. Ask employees for their ideas – they will have lots of them.

! – Do you INVOLVE employees in designing your recognition strategy? People own what they create and what to see it succeed.

Get your THANK ON™! Theresa Chambers, Chief Motivation Officer, Recognition Works, helps companies build cultures of appreciation and engagement through consulting, Recognize the Moment® Workshops and Thankology™ Toolkits. She can be reached at theresa@recognitionworks.net or 206/353.8267. You are welcome to share this post. Just give credit where credit is due.