Blueprint for Success: Recognition Strategy Design

Whether your organization is designing a new recognition strategy from the ground up or looking for ways to get more mileage out of your existing recognition programs, Recognition Works would love to help. Projects and workshops are customized for your organization, its values, goals and culture.

We provide the Recognition Strategy Blueprint, a framework that includes the 8 elements of a comprehensive and successful strategy. We facilitate a process to identify and address the gaps and a Land of Awes™ brainstorm for your Recognition Committee. This may include:

  • Recognition program assessment and strategy design;
  • Building organizational capacity to involve and engage employees;
  • Developing a compelling communication plan to maximize program participation;
  • Recognize the Moment® Leadership Training for managers, supervisors and employees; and
  • Identifying success metrics to ensure future viability and sustain recognition efforts.

For small companies, Recognition Works provides these additional services:

  • Core Values Identification Tools and Exercises
  • Employee Engagement/Workplace Culture Surveys

We also provide Recognize the Moment® Workshops, Train-the-Trainer and Licensing Agreements. Please see the Workshops & Events Page for more information.