Workshops & Events


Recognize the Moment® Workshops & Lunch-n-Learns

Workshops range from 1.5 to 3.5 hours. Session objectives may include:

  • Redefine recognition as a business strategy to attract and retain talent, re-engage employees and boost productivity and profitability and position the organization as an Employer of Choice;
  • Emphasize the critical role managers play in engaging and retaining talent;
  • Introduce 4 dimensional model with a focus on acknowledgment and appreciation as foundational;
  • Practice Thankology™, the art of noticing “out loud” and how to individualize one’s approach;
  • Assess one’s Appreciation Aptitude™ and identify areas for improvement;
  • Explore and overcome perceived obstacles to giving and receiving recognition;
  • Take away low-cost ideas to build a culture of appreciation at the team level; and
  • Explore the 8 elements of a dynamic recognition strategy and leave with a Blueprint for Success.

Workshops are customized for your organization, its values, and culture. Every company is unique, so each workshop is different. Fees are determined by the number of participants, length of session and customization required. Sessions include a one to two hour follow up session to ensure sustainability and accountability and develop a Recognition Action Plan and Calendar of Events to infuse recognition into the culture.

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Recognize the Moment® Train-the-Trainer and Licensing Agreements

Recognition Works offers Train-the-Trainer and Licensing Agreements. Following the Recognize the Moment® Workshop, we work with you to identify employees and managers who serve as Recognition Advocates or Culture Champions to sustain a culture of appreciation and engagement. Curriculum can be adapted as a module for your company’s leadership training series, onboarding, or other types of employee training or retreats.

Recognition Events & Panel Discussions

Sadie and Yvette, White River Credit Union, Enumclaw, WA at a Recognition Roundtable.

Sadie and Yvette, White River Credit Union, Enumclaw, WA at a Recognition Roundtable.

From time to time, Recognition Works offers events to help the human resources community stay connected to trends in employee recognition, engagement, and retention. It’s an opportunity to hear from leaders representing Best Places to Work and subject matter experts on topics ranging from:

  • How to build and sustain a positive, productive and engaged work culture
  • How to strengthen your organization’s position as an Employer of Choice
  • Talent management | Leadership Development
  • Employee recognition programs and strategies to build stronger cultures of appreciation.

Meetings are hosted and sponsored by various organizations in the Puget Sound area. The meeting usually involves a presentation or panel discussion followed by Q&A or brainstorming. Fees are based on the speaker(s), the venue, and other logistics. HRCI credits may be available for certain sessions. No events are scheduled at this time. If you have an idea for a topic or would like to host or sponsor a Recognition Roundtable, contact Theresa below.

FOR MORE INFO: Contact Theresa Chambers at 206.353.8267 or